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Welcome to Renovagen, where innovation meets the pressing needs of the ever-evolving global energy landscape. Our core mission is to simplify the integration of sustainable energy for temporary energy needs, making it more accessible, affordable, secure, and sustainable for millions of individuals and organizations worldwide.

At Renovagen, we’re not just a technology company; we’re a force of change. We’re driven by the belief that we can transform the way the world accesses, affords, and secures its energy supply. In doing so, we aim not only to improve lives but to save them.

Imagine a world where clean, sustainable Solar energy

is not only accessible but also effortlessly mobile

Renovagen’s innovative products such as the Fast Fold foldable solar generator and the rollable high-power Rapid Roll system, embody this vision. They are game-changers that take rapid deployable clean power to new heights of capability, mobility and scalability. With the Renovagen’s systems, you can now harness the sun’s energy anywhere, anytime. Our revolutionary solar technology enables the rapid deployment of a commercial-scale off-grid solar power system from a compact stand-alone solar generator or from a trailerized unit.

Gone are the days of lengthy setups and complex installations. With us, self-sufficient power becomes a reality in even the most remote locations.

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Renovagen is here to empower you, your business, and communities worldwide

with accessible, affordable, secure, and sustainable energy


Up to 150 kWp of clean power capacity deployable from a 20ft shipping container.


Stand-alone solar generators, trailer-based systems or containerized power – deploy our large scale zero-emission power solutions anywhere in the world quickly and painlessly.


Our zero-emission generators are deployed and generating mighty power within a few minutes.

Clean and quiet

Simply no emissions. Clean power without all the noise.


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Effortless Solar Energy Enhancement With Our Technology

Renovagen’s cutting-edge technology doesn’t just stop at innovation; it extends its reach to transform a wide range of markets. Discover how our innovative technology is transforming various industries. Read more about where you can utilize this groundbreaking solution.

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Our mobile, rapid deployable systems are designed for quick deployment in challenging environments. They provides essential power to mobile medical units, communication hubs, and water purification equipment during critical situations, potentially saving lives. Unlike traditional generators that rely on fuel, our system runs without it, offering sustainable power for up to a 120-bed mobile clinic or desalinating 25,000 liters of water daily. 

Save on costly fuel deliveries to remote Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). The Renovagen’s high-power systems can pay for itself in just months by reducing the need for expensive fuel convoys and flights. With the potential to eliminate fuel convoy risks, our system can power entire FOBs, including communication equipment. They are life-saving solutions for peacekeeping missions.

Remote mining explorations face significant energy challenges and costs. Our mobile Rapid Roll system offers a solution by providing fuel savings for operations that frequently relocate, such as exploratory drilling camps.

Large festivals often rely on noisy and polluting diesel generators, but they’re facing increasing scrutiny for their environmental impact. Renovagen offers festival organizers the means to reduce their carbon footprint, eliminate noise during key performances, and enhance their event’s environmental profile.

From reimagining wasteland to deploying electric vehicle charging stations, accommodating seasonal tourist spots, and enhancing seasonal agricultural uses, the applications of the Renovagen’s game-changing clean power systems are limitless. We offer the most versatile solutions for the smart cities of the future. 

Filming poses a complex challenge due to the noise and environmental impact of diesel generators. These projects are often dedicated to capturing rare or delicate environments, which intensifies the need for environmental scrutiny. Noise suppression requirements force generators to be placed at a distance from the filming location, causing delays and potential damage. Renovagen’s systems offer a perfect, noise-free alternative with a reduced carbon footprint. 

Bluesure Acquires Renovagen

Pioneering Companies Join Forces to Revolutionize Renewable Energy

In a significant development within the renewable energy sector, Bluesure, a Finnish company specializing in mobile renewable power solutions, has acquired Renovagen, an innovative company dedicated to simplifying solar energy integration. This merger combines deployment and integration expertise, creating a comprehensive solution for a broader customer base. The collaboration promises to revolutionize the renewable energy sector, reduce carbon footprints, and promote a more sustainable world. This partnership represents a significant leap toward enabling commercial, humanitarian, defence and remote operators to access power in the most remote locations, paving the way for a cleaner and more accessible energy future.

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