Innovative clean-tech solutions

Renovagen is a technology business specialising in innovative clean-tech solutions for the rapidly changing global energy marketplace. Our mission is to address some of the greatest challenges of global energy consumption by inventing, developing and deploying revolutionary new concepts in renewable energy systems.


By leveraging the major disruptive scientific and economic trends in clean technology in new ways, we can make energy more available, more affordable, more secure and more sustainable for millions of people around the world, and even save lives in the process.


Our first product, the Rapid Roll “T” system takes portable solar power to the next level of capability and mobility. By unrolling a solar field (up to 16kWp) from a small trailer, a commercial-scale off-grid solar power system can be deployed faster than ever before, enabling self-sufficient power to be deployed easily in remote locations.


Up to 100kWp of PV capacity deployable from a 20ft ISO shipping container.


ISO container or trailer based systems – deploy large scale PV anywhere in the world quickly.


PV array can be unrolled and generating power within a few minutes.


Unroll and power on at the flick of a switch

The technology facilitates the easy supplementation of solar energy

We can make energy more available, more affordable, more secure and more sustainable for millions of people around the world.

Ideal for short and medium-term deployment to challenging environments, the exceptional mobility facilitates rapid response in critical situations where lives can be saved by providing power to mobile medical facilities, communications and water purification equipment. Often, in a post-disaster environment, fuel supplies may be disrupted and even where generators have been deployed, there may not be sufficient fuel to run them. Just a single Rapid Roll “T” system can provide enough power for a 120-bed mobile clinic (USAID Category III standard) or to desalinate 25,000 litres of water every day without requiring fuel – a potentially lifesaving capability

The cost of fuel delivery to remote Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) may reach $400 per gallon (according to US military estimates), due to the force protection requirements for fuel convoys and flights. On this basis, fuel savings may provide a Return-on-Investment against the capital cost of Rapid Roll systems in as little as 2 – 3 months. With 3,000 military casualties in fuel convoy protection alone in Iraq and Afghanistan, reducing or eliminating the need for fuel convoys can be life-saving. Just a single Rapid Roll “T” system can power a Headquarters complete with communications equipment, and a number of systems running in parallel may power an entire FOB.

Access to energy presents a great challenge and cost to remote mining exploration operations. The mobility of the Rapid Roll “T” system enables it to provide value from fuel savings for such operations which move on a regular basis – for example exploratory drilling camps.

The environmental impact of large festivals is coming under increasing scrutiny. Often such festivals are located “off-grid” and require noise and polluting diesel generators to operate. The Rapid Roll “T” offers festival operators the ability to reduce their carbon footprint, eliminate noise for key performances and improve the environmental profile of their event.

Utilisation of wasteland before development, deployable Electric Vehicle Charging, seasonal tourist and recreational sites and seasonal agricultural uses – the applications are endless!

The noise and environmental impact of diesel gensets when filming at remote, environmentally sensitive sites presents a multi-faceted challenge. Often such projects are designed to record a rare or sensitive environment itself, increasing the level of environmental impact scrutiny required. The requirement for noise suppression means that gensets must be “dug in” at a distance from the filming location which is time-consuming and can cause additional damage. The Rapid Roll “T” system provides an ideal zero-noise alternative.


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