KOITE® technology is widely adoptable in health care! First target area for KOITE® treatment is in oral care.

Oral health is a cornerstone of good health.
Most of the oral diseases are caused by bacteria.


Over 60-90% of school-age children and nearly 100% of adults have or have had dental decay


74% of adults suffer from gingivitis, and 21% have deep gum pockets.


Around the world, the occurrence of severe periodontitis (gum disease) is 11.2 %, which has remained at the same level since 1990.


Peri-implant mucositis occurs in 43% of patients after surgery. And, more severe peri-implantitis occurs in 22% of patients post-surgery.

About the company

Koite Health is a growth-oriented health technology company whose innovation significantly changes preventive oral health care and improves clients ’health and quality of life.

Developed and commercialized, Lumoral® is a high-quality, highly patented medical device for long-term, home-based preventive oral health care and has a rapidly growing, satisfied customer base.

The effectiveness of the method is based on the known LED light technology, which in combination with the light-activated and antibacterial Lumorinse mouthwash effectively and safely removes bacteria from the surface of teeth and gums. The known photoactivable antibacterial method has the approval of the professionals and scientific evidence.


Our KOITE® technology platform

Our technology platform is scalable and allows us to expand our business to other local infections, such as skin infections. In the future, we want to be an innovator and global technology leader in photoactivated antibacterial therapies. With our advanced technology, we significantly reduce the need for antibiotics in healthcare. Our growth strategy is implemented by a top team with deep interdisciplinary expertise and strong evidence of success in the health technology business globally.


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