We’ve recently introduced the FAST FOLD solar power system – the most power you’ve ever seen before in a package that can fit in the back of a car! The system consists of FAST FOLD Solar Mats which operate in conjunction with the FAST FOLD Energy Hub.

The folding mats can be deployed in seconds – either directly on the ground, or lifted onto shipping containers, roofs or other structures. They are moved in a transport bag, which can contain up to 2 x 1.5kWp mats. Just like the RAPID ROLL, the key advantages are:

  • A large surface area of solar PV can be deployed from a small, lightweight package = more power for less weight, hassle and transport cost
  • CIGS flexible thin-film technology operates well in a wide range of irradiance conditions – so the angle of deployment or level of sunlight is less important than with glass panels
  • A solar mat is deployable by 2 people in less than a minute!

This is the best way to get self-sustaining power to the most remote and difficult-to-access places, where continuous delivery of fuel for generators would be impossible or extremely expensive.

FAST FOLD Energy Hub

The FAST FOLD Energy Hub is an entire off-grid hybrid power system packed into a robust Peli case, including up to 10kWh of energy storage (lithium-ion batteries) and up to 3kVA AC output. The system can be run standalone with up to two 1.5kWp FAST FOLD solar mats (3kWp max), or it can be run in hybrid with a small diesel generator (2kVA to 5kVA), which automatic start-stop based on battery charge state (genset dependent). With this setup, you can guarantee power availability on a 24/7/365 basis. 


The Energy Hub is waterproof for outdoor operation and has been ruggedised for transport by road, sea, air and extensive manual handling to go even where vehicles can’t!



Just one of these systems could provide power for:

  • A deployable camp HQ – comms, lighting, computers, or;
  • 3,000 litres of seawater purified for drinking, or;
  • 800+ smartphone charges, or;
  • 200+ cups of tea!

Rapid Roll "T"

The Rapid Roll “T” trailer/tactical version provides an extremely mobile solution which can be airlifted by a wide range of medium and heavy-lift helicopters (gross weight from 1,500 kg) but packs enough power for energy intensive operations. Easily mounted on an on-road or off-road trailer or flat-bed truck, the Rapid Roll “T” provides many options for deployment to practically any global location imaginable. With simple deployment in just a few minutes without needing solar engineers onsite, it provides a practical solution for humanitarian and disaster relief, peacekeeping, mining, events, film production and other temporary power-hungry operations in remote places which require equipment mobility.

The size and weight of the Rapid Roll “T” when trailerised (2,000kg – 3,000kg total trailer weight) also makes it easy to tow with standard 4×4 vehicles and it fits on a number of commercial air freight pallets or 463L military pallet and so becomes extremely easy to transport internationally very quickly. Easy handling is facilitated with bi-directional forklift pockets and lifting rings.

Rapid Roll “T” now has an insulated composite construction which provides improved performance in a wide range of environmental conditions. A built-in environmental management system provides passive cooling to electrical components only when required – minimising parasitic energy consumption.

Rapid Roll “T” models can be configured with independently variable solar and battery capacity. Models are designated, for example, RAPID ROLL 11\48 – indicating 11kWp solar capacity and 48kWh battery capacity. Rapid Roll “T” systems are available in single or 3-phase, 230V/400V 50Hz or 120V/208V 60Hz variants with grid-connect or HyPER-FST options. Optional remote access and monitoring is available.

Rapid Roll "I" - Under Development

The integration of the Rapid Roll technology into a side-opening ISO shipping container, combined with inverters and a larger battery bank, creates an easily transportable self-sufficient solar power system capable of generating 10 times more power than competitive products. Deploying a huge solar array measuring 5 metres (20ft ISO) or 10 metres (40ft ISO) in width and up to 200 metres in length, this represents by far the largest containerised deployable solar array yet conceived. At this scale a multi-MW solar power plant could be deployed in a matter of hours – city-scale power sufficient for a large mining site or peacekeeping main operating base.

Renovagen envisages that this technology could revolutionise the cost-effective and environmentally-friendly provision of large amounts of off-grid power in remote locations across many industries – including peacekeeping, disaster relief, mining, oil & gas, construction, events and telecommunications. Indeed it has the potential to save lives by – for example, reducing or eliminating the need for peacekeeping fuel convoys or by powering medical facilities in disaster zones.

An ISO container form factor utilises existing transportation and container-handling infrastructure, but it may be sufficiently light-weight to be air-lifted by transport aircraft or heavy-lift helicopter. By integrating more efficient solar cells in the future, systems of up to 600kWp may become possible – for the first time mobilising truly industrial scale solar power.


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