Our Solar Powered Products


The FAST FOLD solar power system is the most power you’ve ever seen before in a package that can fit in the back of a car! The system consists of FAST FOLD Solar Mats which operate in conjunction with the FAST FOLD Energy Hub.

FAST FOLD Energy Hub

The FAST FOLD Energy Hub is an entire off-grid hybrid power system packed into a robust Peli case, including up to 10kWh of energy storage (lithium-ion batteries) and up to 3kVA AC output.

Rapid Roll Solar Mat

The Rapid Roll provides an extremely mobile solution which packs enough power for energy intensive operations. Easily mounted on an on-road or off-road trailer or flat-bed truck, the Rapid Roll provides many options for deployment to practically any global location imaginable. The Rapid Roll system is modular and scalable making it ideally suitable for various power needs.

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