FAST FOLD Energy Hub

FAST FOLD Energy Hub

The FAST FOLD Energy Hub is a modular and scalable off-grid hybrid power system packed into a robust Peli type case. It comes with a 5 kWh of battery capacity, and it is extendable up to 20 kWh with separate battery packs. It uses lithium-ion batteries and provides an impressive 3 kVA continuous AC output. The system can be run standalone with up to two 2 kWp FAST FOLD solar mats (4 kWp max), or it can be run in a hybrid mode with a small diesel generator (2kVA to 5kVA), which automatic start-stop based on battery charge state (genset dependent). With this setup, you can guarantee power availability on a 24/7/365 basis.

The Energy Hub is waterproof for outdoor operation and has been ruggedized for transport by road, sea, air and extensive manual handling to go even where vehicles can’t!

Just one of these systems could provide power for:

  • A deployable camp HQ – comms, lighting, computers, or;
  • 3,000 liters of seawater purified for drinking, or;
  • 800+ smartphone charges, or;
  • 200+ cups of tea!

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