Rapid Roll "I" - Under Development

Rapid Roll "I"

The integration of the Rapid Roll technology into a side-opening ISO shipping container, combined with inverters and a larger battery bank, creates an easily transportable self-sufficient solar power system capable of generating 10 times more power than competitive products. Deploying a huge solar array measuring 5 metres (20ft ISO) or 10 metres (40ft ISO) in width and up to 200 metres in length, this represents by far the largest containerised deployable solar array yet conceived. At this scale a multi-MW solar power plant could be deployed in a matter of hours – city-scale power sufficient for a large mining site or peacekeeping main operating base.

Renovagen envisages that this technology could revolutionise the cost-effective and environmentally-friendly provision of large amounts of off-grid power in remote locations across many industries – including peacekeeping, disaster relief, mining, oil & gas, construction, events and telecommunications. Indeed it has the potential to save lives by – for example, reducing or eliminating the need for peacekeeping fuel convoys or by powering medical facilities in disaster zones.

An ISO container form factor utilises existing transportation and container-handling infrastructure, but it may be sufficiently light-weight to be air-lifted by transport aircraft or heavy-lift helicopter. By integrating more efficient solar cells in the future, systems of up to 600kWp may become possible – for the first time mobilising truly industrial scale solar power.