The FAST FOLD solar power system is the most power you’ve ever seen before in a package that can fit in the back of a car! The system consists of FAST FOLD Solar Mats which operate in conjunction with the FAST FOLD Energy Hub.

The Fast Fold comes in two different sizes:


The FFMAT-1 is a compact 1 kWp solar generator which can be stored and transported on a standard NATO pallet. Depending on the pallet type, up to 12 kW of solar generators can be stored on a single pallet for fast shipping and easy deployment.


The FFMAT-2 is a powerful 2 kWp solar generator designed to be installed on top of a 20ft container in less than 20 minutes. It is ideal in situations where space is limited and containers are used for storage, accommodation, office space and more.

The folding mats can be deployed in seconds – either directly on the ground, or lifted onto shipping containers, roofs or other structures. The key advantages of our foldable solar generators are:

  • A large surface area of solar PV can be deployed from a small, lightweight package = more power for less weight, hassle and transport cost
  • The monocrystalline solar cell technology we use is the most efficient way of producing zero-emission solar energy
  • A solar mat is deployable by 1 or 2 people in less than a minute!

This is the best way to get self-sustaining power to the most remote and difficult-to-access places, where continuous delivery of fuel for generators would be impossible or extremely expensive.

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